Progress Updates, Part 2 Image

Progress Updates, Part 2

Posted by: dev

It may not look like it from the outside yet, but we have made some major progress recently inside our building. Here’s a quick rundown!

-We got our building permit from the city!

-Our electrical contractor, Elite Electrical Innovations, finished pulling out old conduit and wiring to get ready for the next step of putting up new conduit & wiring, lighting and upsizing us to 400-amp electrical service. Much like the plumbing, having enough electricity and lighting available for the brewery and taproom is essential! They should be able to get in and do some wiring and lighting over the next week or two.

-We received a few more pieces of equipment that included converted 550 and 600-gallon horizontal dairy tanks, one of two vertical fermentation tanks that we’ll eventually have and a mobile pump for transferring finished beer. The horizontal tanks will be used to heat and cool filtered water used in the brewing process. They will also help us be more sustainable in our water usage, as we can collect water that we use in brewing a beer, which normally goes down the drain, to use for cleaning and rinsing equipment. The vertical fermentation tanks will be used solely for saisons and mixed culture sour beers; two styles that we love dearly and can’t wait to share with you.

-Our general contractor WEB Construction cut up and removed a few big chunks of our concrete floor to prep it for the underground plumbing. This was some seriously heavy-duty work and they did a great job.

-The building was a former auto shop, so it had two rectangular open trenches into the pit area below that you could drive over to make it easier to access the underside of the car. Obviously, we couldn’t have gaping holes in our seating area. So, we had angle iron and steel decking welded into the trenches (thanks Aaron and Gary!) so we could pour concrete over them. This also creates a nice storage area under the taproom.

-We got our plumbing permit and Vee Plumbing put in our underground pipes for drainage and water. This was no easy task as, unfortunately, they had to work in 90F heat and high humidity, but they got it done! It was a lot of work, but it looks great and drainage & water are essential for any brewery and taproom. Thankfully we could keep some of the existing plumbing and had it cleaned out to optimize drainage from the brewing area. In the production area they put in two large drains for our seven-barrel brewhouse and boiler, a twelve-foot trench drain and sinks for the brewing area. The back-bar area was plumbed for our sinks, glass rinser and the drains under our taps.

-We backfilled over the underground plumbing and new concrete was poured! This included pouring over the steel decking in the trenches, filling a few other spots and filling in the large brewery area (which included a slope toward the trench drain).

We have a busy week next week planned (the week of July 16th) to keep rolling along on schedule, which includes: framing walls, painting, putting up the walk-in cooler panels, cleaning (there is always cleaning to do) and hopefully starting some exterior work. We should be getting our MN Dept of Agriculture Plan Review approved and get an idea of where our federal TTB Brewer’s Notice is at in the review process.

Have a great weekend! Get out and enjoy the summer while it’s here.